Quiz meisters
Art direction & Website
Case study

Despite being in business for 16 years there was no consistency in their logo, website, or promotional materials. Their social media audience was limited and their on-line presence was inadequate – no newsletter, the website was confusing and no information for upcoming corporate clients was available. The branding was random and the business was largely reliant on word of mouth at local pubs.

The aim was to develop strong and consistent branding that resonated with the target audience and made a lasting impact. It was vital to celebrate the fun aspect of trivia in a way that broke down the nerdy stereotype and attracted diversity. This was a key part of the point of difference for Quiz meisters. There was also a need to extend brand awareness, while also encouraging other companies to collaborate.

We used words like fun, funny, innovative, and interesting to set the tone for the re-branding process. Creating a memorable brand identity helped differentiate Quiz meisters from other trivia companies while building a clear and responsive website increased brand awareness. This included critical information about upcoming events and possible collaborations. Showcasing a team that featured different personalities and areas of expertise was also an important way of adding depth and dynamism to the business.

After brainstorming a few concepts we decided to go with a theme based around cartoonish characters that are being chased by a brain monster. Each character represents one of the question genres; like sport, music, movies...etc. However, the cartoon characters also have different personalities, reflecting the fact trivia is typically played with a bunch of good friends who each have different personalities.

We didn't want to use any obvious, trivia-related symbols on the logo. However, it was important to use the full ‘Quiz meisters’ name as it had established major brand value over the past 16 years. The message had to be strong, fun, and clear, and the logo needed to work on a range of different surfaces. We settled on a striking, pink colour to represent the brain monster, matched with black and white to give it some pop. After curating and re-touching the photography we also added some quirky, brain virus doodles onto the images.

We promoted Quiz meisters with the bold statement, “It's trivia, but it's actually good.” This catchphrase was added to the printed posters, online advertising, and all video clips.

Our main goal was to create fun, visible, and informative content that appealed to a wide range of potential customers, including individual trivia players, group events, bigger companies, and fundraisers. We wanted the website to be simple and intuitive for customers to navigate, while also being straightforward for the company to maintain. An important feature was a portal that made it easy for Quiz Meisters to publish new events online.
Finding a trivia venue was turned into a fun game by introducing an interactive neon map of Australia, which let you search for the nearest pub hosting a trivia night. The site also included an interactive, employment audition portal (utilising videoask) to make hiring staff more efficient.
Even with an abundance of content the site performs well and loads fast while featuring over 140 personalised, host profiles pages. The site also includes a feature which allows Quiz meisters to sell online trivia games.

The major result was the introduction of strong and consistent branding across all media platforms. With a new-look, highly functional website Quiz meisters had the capacity to launch an online ‘Quarantine’ quiz while clearly informing their community about all new events and collaborations. The Facebook following was lifted from 1k to 22k within one month of rebranding, despite the onset of the pandemic and cancellation of all the live shows around the country. Meanwhile, they attracted a weekly audience of over 4k on their online show. Quiz meisters initiated collaborations with Domino’s, Spec Savers, Big Easy Drinks, Oktoberfest Brisbane, Nandos, and Coopers. They also sold over 1000 pieces of merchandise, which supporters are now proudly wearing and collecting. Quiz meisters finally boasted the strong personality and digital presence it deserved. The overall success of the initiative was validated when the rebranding was mentioned on Sunrise LIVE TV.