Branding & Product design
Case study

The goal was to develop clean and high-quality visual identification for the hospitality industry. Shiftly aims to be a strong, charismatic and high-end platform. Builds relationships through kindness, modesty, friendly approach and hard work. It guides the users towards an aspirational job. It aims to be a trustful go-to place for hospitality workers and recruiters. It is characterized by quality, class and striving for the highest level at the same time giving a sense of belonging and security.

After building main personas we understood that for our users most important will be ease of use, comprehensiveness and luxury factor.

We move forward with the brand archetypes of everyman and ruler to provide structure and pursue connection. We were guided by words refined and friendly. We wanted to create the personality of the experienced guide, a style that inspires trust and admiration but is still accessible to newbies.

We based the design on toned colours, flat illustrations and hand picked photography. It was important to make sure that all app interfaces as well as the overall visual impression is very simple while not looking cheap.

The major result was the introduction of strong and representative branding for a young startup and positioning it on the polish HR market accordingly. The app is still in the testing and development stage is hard to measure the results but it was a great pleasure to work on this project.