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Rapid growth of medical startup

Sidekick Health, a dynamic medical startup, approached us needing a website that could scale with their expansion. They wanted to ditch the clinical vibe associated with chronic diseases and opt for a friendly, modern look.

My role
Website Design
Webflow Development
Sales Interactive Demo

With a brand identity in making and uncertain future needs, Sidekick Health required a flexible website platform. Initially considering WordPress, they chose Webflow for its adaptability and our expertise in leveraging its capabilities.


Sidekick team love their new website. They found Webflow easy to manage, allowing for independent updates and setting the stage for future growth.

Since launching, they've seen significant growth, acquiring multiple medical companies and securing several rounds of funding. While the website isn’t the sole reason for their success, it has definitely boosted their online presence and supported their expansion.

Starting Point

Starting from basic wireframes provided by their team, we refined the structure and user experience to fit their evolving brand. As their identity solidified, we seamlessly integrated it into the website design.

User Journey & Storytelling

Working closely with Sidekick Health’s marketing team, we simplified complex medical jargon into engaging stories. The website smoothly guided users from general insights to deep dives into the Sidekick platform. We also created password-protected interactive pages for collaborators to safeguard sensitive info.

Additional Functionality

Responding to their needs post-launch, we added a medical news portal to boost SEO and keep their audience informed. We also strategically placed subtle Sidekick Health ads within the portal to increase brand visibility.

Marta is wonderful to work with, and Brand Shaper has become an extension of our small Marketing team! Marta is always insightful, and brings a deep level of expertise to the work we do together at Sidekick Health. I would highly recommend her as a partner!

Serene Touma

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