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Hi there, I'm Marta

A brand & web designer with a passion for adventure

I started my adventure with UI / UX to combine my passion for designing nice things with useful ones. I graduated from the Faculty of Design in Poland. I then worked for agencies in Poland, Austria and Australia. I want to help people build strong brands and products that reflect their values and attract desired customers.

100% recomended!

Brand Shaper helped our company with our webpage and gave us so much valuable insight in consumer behavior on our webpage! There is no doubt Marta has a lot of knowledge when it comes to webdesign, marketing and brand strategy! She knows the industry very well, she is very professional and I would highly recommend Brand Shaper and the services they offer!
Kris & Mo
The happy surfers AS Surf & yoga retreats

Pleasure to work with

We had a fantastic experience working with Marta on the rebranding of our company. She carefully considered our brand story, aspirations and needs to develop a unique brand identity. It was an absolute pleasure working with her, and we are very happy with our relaunch.
James Stern
Brother Nature CEO

Working with Marta is effortless

Marta is fantastic to deal with. Right from the start she took the time to understand everything we wanted in our rebranding and updating. She have hit the mark at every step.  We have no hesitations recommending her to anyone.  Many thanks!
Hans Peter Eder
Padre azul CEO

What an amazing work!

We hired Marta for a big rebranding project at our company which delivered incredible results. The rebrand and our new website helped us reach a very large audience online and build awareness of our brand as a whole. I was extremely happy with the process. She contributed a new perspective and related to our bold sense of humor instantly. We should've done it sooner.
Steffan van Lint
Quiz meisters CEO

I work with clients globally

You bring the challenge, I'll bring my passion to get the job over the line.

UX Design

My background in product design gave me the tools to quickly learn about the role. As a result and with great dedication to all task assigned to me, I have developed strong skills around UX and constanly trying to imrove to bring the best in a project.


I love strategy and enjoy analyzing audiences to create targeted experiences. I helped big companies translate their personality into graphics that look great and make a real impact. So let's work together to develop the design they are been looking for.

People Usually Ask Me

In what area do you specialize?

My primary focus is Branding and UX/UI, but I also enjoy illustration. I've had experience working in pretty much every facet of design.

What made you choose Branding and UX/UI?

I first became interested in design when I was at school. However, I had trouble coming up with a solid career plan, so I took some personality tests and asked for advice from my friends. The result was, I'm a learner, ideator, futurist, restorative and strategic person. Those activities have led me to tend toward more logistical and creative design combinations, and I believe branding and UX are that way up. I love to learn and analyse to make things look good. So far, that's my favourite combination.

What particular area would you like to focus more?

I'm very interested in understanding people's behaviours, how they make decisions, why they don't buy, usability, design… As I went further into this journey, I found myself more and more interested in UX and branding. I'm constantly learning, and I'll always be open to new ideas.

Why did you get into design?

As a child, I was always creating something. But my family is rather science-minded and art has never been taken seriously. As the first generation growing up in the era of digital products that shapes our reality, I fell in love with the art of design and persuasion. So it is no surprise that I chose a profession where art and science cross.

In five years, where do you see yourself?

Learning new things, spreading the knowledge and having a good time. Working on meaningful projects with people I respect. Innovative, small and remote team with thefreedom to take more initiative and responsibility.
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