case study

Turning a Vintage Icon into a Luxury Experience

Solange, an original historical English double-decker bus, was transformed into a luxury bar complete with cocktails, sofas, and an open roof. Ideal for weddings, big promotional events, and other venues, it offers an additional luxury space for people to gather and enjoy.

My role
‍Brand Identity
Website Design
Webflow Development

Solange needed to break into the luxury market with a unique offering.

The bus was ready, but the business required online content to kickstart marketing campaigns and attract clients. With minimal direct competition, it was crucial to clearly explain and showcase the luxury experience Solange offered.


With a new brand and website, Solange effectively communicated its unique value, attracting both direct and indirect customers, from individuals planning their own events to party organizers and existing venues. The brand was positioned as a memorable, brag-worthy experience that none of their competitors had yet.

Strategy & Positioning

Through brainstorming sessions, we highlighted Solange’s unique, vintage charm and luxurious vibe. We knew we had to showcase its rich history as a social hub. Naming it "Solange," inspired by the sun and angels, felt just right for this unique luxury experience.

We wanted Solange to be more than just a bus for hire. It’s a private oasis at any big event, offering a cozy, elevated spot to sip cocktails and soak in the scene from above. This isn’t just any party addition; it’s a gem that brings a whole new level of excitement and emotion to any celebration.

Brand Identity

Drawing inspiration from the bus's deep royal green color, we developed a visual identity featuring soft gold and deep royal green tones. The logo, simple and memorable, reflects the luxurious and royal feel of the brand.

We created three variations of the logo: full, vertical, and an icon, ensuring versatility across all marketing platforms.

Web Design & Development

The website content detailed how Solange could be used for various events, reinforcing the idea of a unique, luxury experience.
It serves as an informative landing page showcasing Solange's offerings. It provides a solid foundation for future growth, allowing the client to easily swap content and make adjustments as needed. As the business gathers more proof of concept and event photography, the website can evolve to become more visually appealing and trustworthy.