Your Bali Villa

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From a new player to a standout in Bali's villa market.

Your Bali Villa came to us as a newbie in Bali's competitive villa scene. The owner had tons of construction expertise from Australia as an employee but hadn’t built anything in Bali yet. The challenge? Convincing buyers they were the real deal without any completed projects to show off.

Your Bali Villa
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Brand Positioning
‍Brand Identity
Website Design
Webflow Development

Imagine entering a crowded market with nothing but plans and expertise. That was Your Bali Villa’s dilemma. They needed a standout brand and killer website to build trust fast, especially with digital nomads and business owners eyeing Bali for luxury investments.


With their new brand and website, Your Bali Villa found it way easier to show off their expertise and seal the deal with potential clients.

Clients are already living their Bali dreams with high rental returns, way beyond what we’d initially projected.

Strategy & Positioning

Through brainstorming sessions, we uncovered Your Bali Villa’s strengths: precision in building, flexibility in design, and a profound understanding of Bali’s unique building challenges.

Our plan was simple yet effective—show transparency, highlight their building process, and position them as the go-to for quality villas in Bali.

Brand Identity

Inspired by Bali’s natural beauty, we crafted a visual identity featuring deep greens and calming nude tones. The logo resembles craftsmanship and luxury, resonating with both local authenticity and modern elegance.

User Journey & Storytelling

On their website, we took potential buyers on a journey—from dreaming about Bali living to crunching numbers on ROI using our interactive downloadable calculator and navigating local red tape with clear payment plans. These tools made decision-making a breeze while highlighting Uluwatu's strategic growth since the 1920s, showing why it's the prime investment spot in Bali.

Web Design &  Development

Using Webflow, we built a slick, easy-to-use website that showed off Your Bali Villa’s offerings flawlessly.

Starting in real estate development in Bali is a challenge on its own, not just on the legal side, logistical but also competing with dozens of other real estate developers and agents all offering similar products on a small Island, many of whom unfortunately cannot come up with a good finish project.

To find clients I just knew that I needed to really differentiate and stand out by creating a brand that would create a feeling of trust and integrity. Working with Brand Shaper really helped me to first create an avatar of the ideal client that would be the one committing to a purchase. From there we created my brand and all brand guides to give me a consistent presence.

Branding was a major tool to not only differentiate myself to the competition but also legitimize my business. It gave me the backing I needed and from there had a strong personal guideline on how to present the business. Being a business owner working on my own, I managed to secure the sale of 4 off-plan development projects in the first 18 months and soon to start on another 2 projects and a bigger development of 5 luxury units next year.

I now know that the brand we created with Brand Shaper started to have a solid reputation, from simple word of mouth mentioning my brand to weekly enquiries via website or social media from potential future clients and other businesses wanting to collaborate.

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Olivier Guiadeur

Your Bali Villa