Quiz meister

case study

Now most recognizable pub trivia in Australia

Quiz Meisters has been a staple in Australia’s trivia scene for 16 years, known for its lively pub quizzes and entertaining hosts. However, their brand lacked consistency and often players coudn’t recognize their advertising. Also their online presence was limited. They relied heavily on word of mouth at local pubs.

Quiz meisters
My role
Art Direction
Brand Identity
Website Design
Webflow Development

Quiz Meisters had inconsistent branding and minimal online presence, limiting their visibility. Their online presence was minimal, lacking event information and corporate appeal. Additionally, trivia's nerdy stereotype posed a challenge in broadening their audience reach and appeal.


Within first month Facebook following soared from 1k to 22k. Their online show attracted over 4k weekly viewers. They secured major brand collaborations, sold over 1000 merchandise items, and were featured on Sunrise LIVE TV, validating their new digital presence.

Strategy & Art Direction

We infused the rebranding with words like fun, funny, innovative, and interesting, setting the tone for Quiz Meisters' new identity. Central to our strategy was creating memorable cartoon characters—each representing different trivia categories—to inject personality and dynamism into the brand.

Brand Identity

Avoiding cliché trivia symbols, we crafted a logo that prominently featured the full ‘Quiz Meisters’ name, leveraging its established brand equity. The design centered around cartoon characters evading a brain monster, symbolizing the playful yet challenging nature of trivia. Vibrant pink hues and quirky brain virus doodles added visual impact and distinction.

Under the bold slogan, “Trivia, but good,” we unified promotional materials—including posters, online ads, and video clips—to reinforce Quiz Meisters’ fun and engaging trivia experience.

Web design

Our goal was to create an interactive and informative website that catered to individual players, group events, and corporate clients alike. We designed a user-friendly interface with features like an interactive map for finding trivia venues and a video audition portal for hiring hosts. The site’s robust functionality included selling online trivia games and hosting over 140 personalized host profiles.